10 Beeswax Uses for Beauty You’ll Love

Written by Allison
Go more natural with these beeswax uses for beauty you’ll buzz about.

For centuries people have been using the buzzy little byproducts of bees. We’re sure you know of all the uses of honey in your beauty routine. But did you know all of the beeswax uses for beauty? Like honey, beeswax is antimicrobial, can help with inflammation, and has moisturizing and moisture sealing properties.

Before we get into the litany of beeswax uses for beauty we should probably give a little bit of a hint on how to make the stuff useable. Beeswax is solid at room temperature and unless it’s summer or you left it in front of a sunny window it will not be pliable without adding at least some heat. When you do heat your beeswax, you’ll need to do it in a double boiler so you can melt it (not set it on fire). It does take a little bit of work, especially for clean up but if you love a good DIY, beeswax uses for beauty will be almost endless.

A 50/50 mix of beeswax and oil of your choice is a good standard to start with. To make a balm that is more firm, add more wax and vice versa for a more liquid option. So grab your tiny mason jars and get melting! There is a variety of different beeswax uses for beauty just waiting for you.


Makeup Remover

My first ever beeswax DIY was a makeup remover! Make a somewhat soft mix using 25% beeswax. It helps to make your makeup remover into a balm, and the wax leaves a moisture sealing layer on the skin. It’s super nice in winter but may be too heavy for oil skin types in summer.

Eyebrow Tamer

In a beard balm (for my fiancé) gone wrong I ended up with a nice eyebrow tamer. A slightly hard balm will be more waxy so use with a clean mascara spoolie to apply to eyebrows.

Softener for Tired, Crunchy Hair

If you have dry, brittle ends (from bleach, or heat styling, or polar vortex) apply a beeswax balm to the ends of your hair. Aim for a more liquid version of your standard balm to make application (and washing out) easier. On your hair the beeswax will help to seal in the moisture of the oil you mix it with.


DIY Lip Balm

Beeswax is a lip balm heavyweight (have you heard of Burt’s?). Using a beeswax in a lip balm helps to make your balm easy to apply, and it seals the moisture right into your lips. Bonus: beeswax is great for chapped lips as it seals in natural oils and moisture and helps to prevent your lips from cracking.

Tame Fly-Away Hairs

If you have stubborn fly-away hairs just tap them down with a couple of fingers after using a beeswax balm. The wax is on the heavy side so it will keep the fly-aways from popping back up. Just don’t use too much by your roots to avoid that greasy look.

Cuticle Salve

To keep from getting hangnails (which always get worse in winter) massage a beeswax balm into your cuticles. the oils are hydrating and the beeswax keeps it all in place so you don’t get greasy feeling hands. Best part is, regularly massaging your cuticles helps your nails grow a bit faster by increasing circulation in the nail bed.

Seal In Moisture, Prevent Stretch Marks

When you apply lotion or body oil to your skin you are helping to moisturize. But, when that doesn’t seem to be enough, you may need to help prevent loosing that moisture. A lotion made with beeswax can help to hydrate and keep that hydration right where you want it. Try this on your belly if you’re pregnant, too.


Hair Styling Wax

Just like beeswax can tame fly-away hairs it can also be used as a styling product. Switch out your average hair wax for beeswax instead. Depending on how much oil you add you can make a pomade for sleek looks. Also, a firmer wax for piecey perfection.

Solid Perfume

If you have an essential oil you really love you can make your own perfume in no time flat. Just add a few drops into a extra waxy concoction to make your own solid perfume. Just keep in mind, that DIYing your own perfume won’t have the same shelf life as store-bought perfume. Toss it once the smell starts to change.

Foot Softener

And finally, the best foot softener you ever did try. If you are prone to dry, cracked heels give a beeswax lotion a shot. Obviously, don’t apply to an open cut on your foot. But, for that flaky dried out kind of cracked heels beeswax does wonders.

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