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10 Weird Skin Conditions That’ll Creep You Out

Written by andy

Does what’s on the outside reflect the inside?

Skin often acts as an indicator to let you know what’s going on inside your body. When your body is filled with toxins, your skin shows the signs. If you are suffering an allergic reaction, it often manifests on the skin. When your liver fails, your skin turns yellow, and then there are times when your skin just looks WEIRD! Here are some weird skin conditions guaranteed to creep you out:

  1. Scabies — Scabies is a skin condition that is marked by serious itching, but do you know that it’s little scabies mites that cause the condition? These mites burrow into your skin, and they make it their home. The itching is the result of your skin’s allergic reaction to the mites, and you’ll find that the rash is highly unsightly!
  2. Porphyria — Also known as the Vampire Disease, this is actually a blood disorder that makes you skin VERY sensitive to sunlight. Your skin will actually break out in blisters AS SOON as it comes in contact with the sun, and it will usually be stretched fairly tight over your body. Definitely a weird skin conditions!
  3. Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Β — When sandflies suck your blood (yes, they’re like mosquitoes!), they often leave behind a parasite. The bite can often grow into a hideous ulcer, which can last for a long time if they aren’t treated with the proper medication. They’re often called “one year sores” in parts of the world where they are common.
  4. Necrotizing Fasciitis — Talk about weird and creepy! This disorder only occurs when flesh-eating bacteria infect wounds or cuts. Even tiny wounds can fester and decay, to the point where limbs have to be amputated. It’s actually lethal in a surprisingly 30 to 40 percent of cases, even WITH medical care.
  5. Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis —This is a VERY rare condition that is marked by the skin being covered with warts the texture of tree bark. The disease first appeared in 2007, when a man named Dede Koswara was diagnosed with it. Even after many surgeries to remove pounds of warts, it’s estimated that he will need at least two surgeries per year EVERY year for the rest of his life just to look normal.

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  1. Leprosy — This is an old disease, but it’s no less terrifying. Leprosy is the result of bacteria, and it causes ulcers to form on your skin. The ulcers grow until they have covered most of your limbs and face, and smaller body parts are known to fall off completely.
  2. Argyria — Thanks to this disease, Smurfs may be real! Argyria is the result of consuming silver, and it can cause your skin to turn blue permanently.
  3. Hypertrichosis — This is a weird medical condition in which hair grows around your ENTIRE body–even in places where it doesn’t usually grow. There have only been about 50 cases of the disease verified.
  4. Vitiligo — With this skin condition, the melanocytes–the cells that give your skin its pigment–are destroyed or degraded. This causes white patches to begin to spread across your skin, no matter its original color. The more the melanocytes break down, the larger the white patches grow.
  5. Dermatographia — Some people have HYPER-sensitive skin, meaning that even a light scratch can cause redness and inflammation of their skin. It’s a very rare condition, but thankfully it’s not too dangerous.

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