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20 Signs You’re Addicted to Sugar

Written by andy

If you notice more than a couple of these signs, it could spell problems…

Who doesn’t love a bit of sugar? Whether you add sugar to your coffee or tea, you start your morning with a bit of jam or honey on your toast, or you enjoy a sweet treat every now and again, sugar plays an important part of our lives. Truth be told, sugar is found in many more foods than you might expect.

But sugar–like caffeine and nicotine–is addicting! You’ll find that sugar addiction is a very real thing, so here are a few signs that you may have a problem with being addicted to sugar:

  1. You feel cravings frequently, even if you have just eaten.
  2. Just the thought of cutting certain foods out of your life makes you feel panic.
  3. You eat even when you’re not hungry, just because the cravings are so strong.
  4. You cannot feel satisfied after a meal if you don’t have a dessert.
  5. You often overeat and have very limited impulse control.
  6. After eating, you tend to feel sluggish or tired as a result of eating too much.
  7. Your food issues are affecting your health, or are causing social problems.
  8. You ignore the negative consequences of your bad eating habits just because you can’t stop.
  9. Food no longer is enjoyable unless you consume a lot of very sweet food.
  10. You use food as a source of pleasure, but you need to consume more and more.
  11. When at an event, you tend to gravitate more towards the sweet foods.
  12. You cannot say “no” when offered something sweet.
  13. You add A LOT of sugar or sweetener into your tea or coffee.
  14. You spend a lot of your day thinking about sweets.
  15. You will often eat sweets instead of healthy foods, not just as an addition to your meals.
  16. You consume a lot of fruit juice and soda on a regular basis.
  17. If you don’t get sugar for a day, you become irritable, anxious, nervous,  and even sleepy.
  18. You feel depressed or moody if you don’t get sugar in your day.
  19. You feel the need for sugar around the same time every day.
  20. You depend on sugar for energy, eating sugary foods any time you feel tired or sluggish.

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If you find yourself agreeing with a few–or even MOST–of the signs above, it could be a very clear sign that you have a sugar addiction. It’s time to take steps to kick that addiction before it ruins your life.

That’s right, sugar can ruin your life! Not only does overconsumption of sugar lead to serious weight problems, but it can increase your risk of cancer, oral health problems, digestive disorders, and many more health problems. It’s in your best interest to kick your sugar addiction, but the truth is that it’s going to be one of the hardest things to do!

A detox diet is one of your best options for getting rid of sugar cravings. With a detox diet, you basically cut out all of the foods that are doing your body harm–sugar in this case. You eat only natural foods–fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, and seeds–and you focus on making healthy eating choices. After a few days or weeks of this detox diet, you’ll find that sugar no longer has as firm a hold over you. You’ll feel so much better and happier now that you’ve kicked your sugar addiction!

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