20 Wild Facts About Food

Written by Ashley

Which food promotes a sexier, more fashionable, less blind you? Read through these 20 Fun Facts about Food to find out.

We may know the heath, beauty & vitamin rich benefits of our favorite fruits, but these betcha-didn’t-know points will give you a broad spectrum of juicy know-how.


  1. Time to switch up your salad routine. Rich leafy romanie lettuce has six times more Vitamin C & eight more times Vitamin A as iceberg lettuce.
  2. The Ancient Greeks called the carrot a “philtron“, translating to ‘love charm,’ believing that the carrot made both sexes more amorous. I would assume Carrot Top never got this memo.
  3. Knowing this, in England, women would use carrot tops to decorate their hats.  Kate Middleton, where you at??
  4. One bushel of corn has enough sweetener for 400 cans of Coca-Cola (!!).  Today’s lunch. Romaine lettuce with carrots & NO corn.
  5. At a White House dinner in 1802, President Thomas Jefferson was the first to serve French fries in the US.  And thus began an epidemic of obesity and documentaries.  Thanks, TJ!
  6. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the onion, deeming its spherical shape and concentric rings a symbol of eternity.
  7. Hopefully they worshiped parsley as well, which is said to rid onion breath.
  8. Janet Harris never would have made it on a date with Jerry Seinfeld. She holds the world record from 1984 for eating 7,175 in 60 minutes with chopsticks.  (remember that Seinfeld episode in which he dumped Melanie for eating 1 pea at a time? No? You need to see it.)
  9. In 1948, Norma Jean  was crowned Artichoke town USA: Castroville, CA’s first Artichoke Queen. She later was known as sex icon Marilyn Monroe.
  10. Originally an Irish tradition, the first Jack-o-Lanterns were carved out of Turnips. Only when the McTradition reached the US did pumpkins get involved.
  11. Skip the astronomically long line at your local caf. The natural sugar of an apple is more effective a stimulant than caffeine in a coffee.
  12. Peanuts are not nuts, but in fact part of the pea family making them more likely to spoil. This is why they’re mostly found roasted. OR in butter form (my fav!).
  13. Almonds are not nuts, but in fact part of the peach family, most similarly resembling peach pits, but without the surrounding fruit.
  14. If you’re storing your potatoes & onions together,  you’re lessening the shelf life of each. As they age, gasses are produced to cause them both to spoil faster.
  15. Whip this trick out at your next party: an apple, potato & onion all taste the same if you eat them with your nose plugged. Has anyone tried this???
  16. On Super Bowl Sunday, an average 53.5 million pounds of guacamole is consumed, enough to cover a football field more than 20 nauseating feet thick.
  17. Rumor has it that Adam’s forbidden fruit got stuck in his throat… giving the Adam’s apple its name.
  18. Got heartburn? Skip the antacid and try eating a vitamin rich banana instead for soothing fruity relief.
  19. On average, an American eats 22 lbs of tomato each year, 1/2 of which is in tomato sauce or ketchup form.
  20. Lastly, while carrots are said to be  sexy & fashionable (refer to #2 & #3 of this list), they  also contain tons of Vitamin C, known to be magnificent for improving eye-sight in the dark.


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