4 Healthier Swaps for Soda

We all know by now that soda is one of the most harmful substances to our health.

Soda, which often contains refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, flavors and preservatives, has been directly linked to weight gain and obesity, bone loss, along with a number of other health complications.

If you’re addicted to soda, I can imagine that the thought of completely eliminating sweet and fizziness in your life sounds daunting. With that said, here’s a guide which suggests four healthier swaps you can make for those Colas and Pepsis:

Instead of Coca Cola . . . try Veri Soda

It’s pretty amazing that Veri soda is certified organic. And for those calorie-conscious individuals, this cola beverage only contains 60 calories a can. Although it contains 15 grams of (organic cane) sugar, you’re in for a far better deal than Coke’s sugar-filled (or even worse, aspartame-sweetened) beverages.

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