5 Easy Updos For Short Hair

Written by Allison

Try these easy updos for short hair.

There is one truth universally acknowledged about having short hair: it’s a pain to put up. If you can’t even pull your hair into a low ponytail, how on earth can updos for short hair even exist? With some creative pinning and an affinity for romantically messy styles, you can get there. We have five favorite updos for short hair that can class up any bob hairstyle. Just follow along below.

1. Easy Princess Roll

There is nothing quite as romantic as the princess roll. Normally this style is worn (with or without the headband) by creating a series of pin curls around the hairline. This isn’t really an option with short hair because it can slip right out.

This is why we’ll be doing the easy version of the princess roll updo, aided by a stretchy headband that can actually hold that hair in place. You’ll need a decorative elastic headband to create this style. Also, hairspray because baby hairs, baby hairs everywhere.

Slip the headband over your hair, keeping all of the headband on top of your hair.

Then, starting from the front and working your way back, take sections of hair and slip it under the headband. If you need to add texture, use a spritz of dry shampoo, but read my guide to the best dry shampoo for dark hair first.

You’ll pick up another piece directly underneath and pass through the headband as well. Keep on going until you’ve tucked all of your hair into the headband. At the nape of your neck, if the hair is very short, you’ll need bobby pins to help you keep the hair in place.

The result is sweet and very put together.

2. Dutch Braided Updo

For a similar look that’s a bit more Oktoberfest, try out this dutch braided look. It looks extra beautiful on highlighted hair because of the textured-quality to the style, which is why it’s one of our favorite hair highlight ideas.


A dutch braid (or cornrow, or boxer braid, or inside out braid) is the same technique as a french braid, but instead of braiding over, you braid under. This shows the braid on top, instead of hidden underneath like a french braid.

Also it just looks cooler. Create this style by splitting your hair in half. Dutch braid each side backwards, following your hairline. When you get to the ends of your hair you can tie it off with a mini hair elastic. When you have both braids completed, pin the ends to the back of your head, tucking the tails of the braids underneath, if possible.

You’ll get a more laid back look than the princess roll, and a subtler version of our favorite Game of Thrones hair.

3. Tucked Under Pigtails

Hear us out on this one! Tucked pigtails is a surprisingly cute look, and it’s perfect if you need all of your hair pulled back in just a couple of minutes.


We will start, of course, with pigtails. Use mini hair elastics in clear or the color of your hair to secure two mini ponytails, one behind each ear.

This updo really only works for short hair, so lucky you get to wear it!

When you have the pigtail secured you can literally flip that tail up and under. Pin the tail of the pigtail to the root of your hair so you don’t mess with the smooth look of this updo.

It’s kind of like a tucked chignon, but fitted into the updos for short hair parameter.

4. Half Up Space Buns

These last two are, admittedly, half updos. We’ll concede that half updos are a load and a half easier to put together with short hair, than true updos for short hair. These buns work great on semi-dirty hair, or hair that’s been pre-texturized by homemade ocean hair spray.

To create space buns, the sure to be Coachella favorite this year, you’ll need to start by separating the top half of your hair.

And take that top half, and split it down the center to create two even sections of hair. You can then secure each section with a mini hair elastic. Make sure to secure it nice and tight, close to your roots so shorter hair doesn’t fall out of this style.

Finish off this style by wrapping your mini ponytails into buns! The bigger the bun the better for space buns, but these minis for short hair are too cute not to try.

Though you could always tease your hair for larger looking buns.

5. Twisted Half Updo

Last is our most romantically messy hairstyle, the twisted half updo.

Start this style by securing two sections of hair from your front hairline together in the center back of your head. You do need to use an elastic for this one because you’ll need to be able to move it.

Along the line you created with the half up ponytail, take small sections of hair and loop over and through the middle space. You’ll be able to loop at least three sections of hair on each side of your hair.

The result is a casual half updo with a whole lot more interest than a plain old half up ponytail.

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