5 Skincare Solutions for Brand New Skin

Written by Bryce

After a long winter everyone’s just about ready to shed every layer, ever- especially those dull, dry layers sitting on the top of our facial skin. If you’re in need of some hardcore refreshing, we’ve rounded up our fave products to lift off the layers, time, and icky skin.

1. DDF Discoloration Reversal. If you find yourself weighed down by unsightly spots, discoloration, and light scarring (by the way, age spots start around age 25… sigh) this lightweight moisturizer will do the trick. It gently evens skin tone, refreshes, hydrates, and sloughs off the dead stuff.

2. Purity of Elements Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. On the realness, I use this one a couple times a week. It smells like pumpkin pie for your face, stings a little bit (I feel like it’s really working), and the active enzymes go to work in a jiffy to REALLY get under the top layer. Skin is left looking bright and new, and who doesn’t love that?

3. Vitaphenol Anti-Aging Toner. This formula features 10% glycolic acid to really rid your face of dead, old skin. Personally, I hate toners, but this one is BEYOND worth trying if you want a gentle, casual approach to serious exfoliation.

4. Osmotics Peel System. It’s easy, gentle, and works like a charm. Usually peel systems leave your skin open and raw, but this one is an easy process that you continue with for a few weeks (and takes no extra effort). Simply wash with their exfoliating cleanser, apply cream and wait a minute, and then apply a second cream. That’s it, voila! It’s the sensitive skin’s solution to a refreshed complexion.

5. Elizabeth Grant’s Vitamin C Face Peel. Love this one. It gently resurfaces, evens skin tone, enhances with their secret Torricelumn formula, and is beyond affordable for under $30. And, it’s a celeb fave.

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