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5 Ways to Shave 5 Years Off Your Appearance

Written by Bryce

Mainstream beauty standards are based mostly on youth in this country, and while I certainly don’t promote the idea of looking forever-19 when you’re actually far beyond freshman year of college, I do think there’s something to be said for looking radiantly a few years behind your actual age. Nobody likes to hear “OMG you only look 39!” when they actually ARE 39. That’s not flattering. A believable, achievable compliment would sound more like “you’re in your early 30’s, right?” So here are a few ways to cheat the clock and look super fresh:

1. Your eyebrows are everything. Did you know that having the wrong shape eyebrows for your facial features can actually add age to your entire look? It’s not just about the shape of your jaw or eyes, it’s about the size and shape of your other features like your nose, cheekbones, and mouth. Even the fanciest eyebrow salons may not subscribe to this scientific fact, but the team at Exhale Spa (check the list of locations here) works exclusively on this principle when they do their eyebrow waxing. No two faces end up with the same exact brows, and every set walks out looking fab. Perfect arches are said to reduce the need for makeup, and can easily brighten any face.

2. Roll in the citrus, my friend. This may be the cheapest and easiest solution of all, but did you know that researchers have found women wearing grapefruit and citrus scents to be perceived as up to 10 years younger than they actually are? This Pink Grapefruit perfume by Demeter is cheap, chic, and great to leave in your purse for a pre-first date spritz.

3. Go easy on the makeup. Unless you’re on a TV or movie set, steer clear of any heavy foundations. They tend to age skin but never blending fully, and absorbing rather than reflecting light. Instead, cover minor imperfections with a BB or CC cream of your choice. You’ll get added sun protection to keep your youthful glow a little longer, and it’s perfect to layer under a little bronzer or blush. Use an oil-based concealer for problem areas like dark circles. My personal fave is the new PONDS BB (I know, so cheap and chic!).

4. BOTOX, it’s not an old lady thing. Did you know that BOTOX Cosmetic is becoming increasingly popular amongst people in their 20’s and 30’s? I remember when my 60-something mom was Botoxing about 5 years ago, and I thought to myself “when I’m 60, I’ll do that too.” But the truth is, by 29 I got roped into a super low injection dosage just in my brow lines by my best gay guy friends. Why? Because if you didn’t already know, every gay man over the age of 21 Brotoxes (yeah, bro-tox). It’s like the gay community caught on to the fact that it helps PREVENTATIVE skincare way before the the girls did, and I’m just beyond thrilled I found out when I did. A low dosage means you still have natural looking movement, without all the potential for weird lines (you know, like when lines get their own suntan lines… gross). Frankly, I’ve told countless friends already when I’m done with my current pregnancy I’m looking forward to sleeping comfortably again, eating unpasteurized cheeses, and getting a little Botox action.

5. Sprinkle some fresh oregano on your food! Did you know fresh oregano has the highest antioxidant activity of any known herb? That’s pretty wild, because antioxidants can help your skin, organs, and everything in between prevent premature aging and damage. Try chopping it finely and sprinkling over your favorite salad, or adding it to soups, sauces or as an infusion for extra virgin olive oil.

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