53 Year Old Man Can Run 350 Miles Without Stopping

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This man never gets tired of running.

A rare genetic condition allows a 53 year old man to run insane distances without stopping.


I wouldn’t call myself an avid runner. Some words to describe my running style would be: reluctant, impatient, and uncomfortable. Truthfully, I hate running, but I do it because I’m a superficial human who loves endorphins. Get me high on all that life, I say.

American jogger Dean Karnazes, 53, doesn’t share my misgivings, though. Due to a rare genetic condition that rapidly flushes lactic acid from his system, he can run extreme distances without cramps or seized muscles, or even hating life. Because of this, he has completed a marathon to the South Pole and done 50 back-to-back marathons in 50 days. This is what Superman looks like, people. He has also jogged 350 miles in under 81 hours with no sleep. FATHOM THAT.

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It’s no surprise that he was pretty much a star athlete in high school, but he took a break after. Then, after he turned 30 he started running again, and just like Forrest Gump, he just kept running.

Doctors say they have never seen anything like him before, so he’s basically like a unicorn with really great calves. I can honestly say I am a little jealous of him. This extraordinary ability would have come in real handy when I was trying to run away from a few of my exes.

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