7 Most Expensive Beers

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7 Most Expensive Beers in the World (and one from outer space)

Whether you prefer your beer warm or chilled beer is one soothing beverage that can perfectly suit any occasion. Just like any other product in the market today, beer also has varying price ranges. Have you ever wondered which could be the most expensive beers in the world? Outlined are 7 most expensive beers.

sapporo space barley beer

  1. Sapporo’s Space Barley

This is the first ever space beer in the world. Russian and Japanese scientists took some barley seeds to the orbit and planted them there for five months. Upon returning to Earth they fermented the barley they brought back into Sapporo’s Space Barley. This beer costs 110 dollars per a six pack and contains an alcohol content of 5.5%. There’s nothing quite like an intergalactic buzz, we’ve heard.

  1. Crown Ambassador Reserve

This is Australia’s most expensive beer. It was first produced in 2008, and costs 90 dollars per a 750ml and contains an alcohol content of 10.2%. Perfect for the fancy footy fans down under.

  1. Tutankhamun Ale

Upon finding 10 brewing chambers that were buried under the Egyptian sand, Dr. Barry Kemp, a Cambridge archaeologist, with the assistance of Dr. Delwen Samuel, who is a scientist, introduced the Tutankhamun Ale. It costs 75 dollars per a 500ml bottle and contains an alcohol content of 6%.

Tutankhamun Ale

Tutankhamun Ale

4.  Brewdogs Sink The Bismarck

This is Germans strongest beer and was named after Germany’s largest battleship, Nazi. It is redefined; freeze distilled for four times and it is four times more expensive and bitter as well than any other conventional beer. It costs 80 dollars per a 375ml bottle and contains an alcohol content of 41%.

  1. Pabst Blue Ribbon 

This is actually China’s most expensive beer. It produced from caramel malts from Germany and it is left to age in American made whiskey barrels. It costs 44 dollars per a 720ml bottle and contains an alcohol content of 6%. However, Pabst blue ribbon is for sale only in China and although the name is the same as the American counterpart, the brew and bottle are both different. Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844 is a special brew that’s only sold in China.

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844, China

Pabst Blue Ribbon 1844, China

  1. Nail Brewing Antarctic Nail Ale

This is probably the most expensive beer in the world. It is produced from dug-up ice that is extracted from Antarctic iceberg. It was only produced in 30 bottles that were later auctioned at a price of $800-1815 dollars per a 500ml bottle. The beer bottles contained an alcohol content of 10%.

  1. Brewdog’s The End Of History

This beer got its unique name from a belief that it would be the ideal answer to a war that was between Schorschbrau and Brewdog, the ABV war. It is Belgian ale that is also the second most expensive beer in the world and the third strongest beer in the world. It costs 765 dollars and has an alcohol content of 55%.

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