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8 Things Nobody Tells You About Mom Boobs

Written by Jessica Bernstein
Everything you never knew you needed to know about mom boobs.

Once upon a time there was a girl.  This girl needed nothing more than one of those little cotton undershirts with a tiny rosette in the middle through Junior High, until one day when she required a massive underwire harness for her tremendous breasts.  Years later, the girl, now a young woman, got pregnant and the whirlwind started again. This is about me, but it’s also about you.

The reason that breasts get bigger during pregnancy is that Estrogen and progesterone levels increase exponentially, high five for mom boobs problems.

everything you need to know about mom boobs

According to Dr. Angela Jones of, “The elevated hormones, and increased blood supply your breasts are bound to increase by at least a cup size.” Between pregnancy and nursing, I went up about 4 bra sizes in rapid succession–basically taking me from grapefruits to full on cantaloupes!

snooki boobs

Most breast revert to their pre-pregnancy size after delivery and/or breastfeeding are complete. Though many of my friends complain of major shrinkage and I am still a full bra size larger than I was pre-pregnancy — so it clearly depends on the person for this mom boobs scenario.

honey boo boo boobs

A well-fitting, supportive bra can help prevent some degree of post-pregnancy sagging.

vodka boobs

That old adage “moisturize, moisturize, moisturize” applies to mom boobs as well. Dr. Angela says wants you to remember that “moist and supple skin stretches better than dry, brittle skin.”

beyonce boobs

Gaining too much weight or losing too much weight too quickly can make sagging that much worse. So don’t do that.

Subtle changes in the glands around your nipples are an early sign of pregnancy.  (And all mamas know that your nipples really never look quite the same…)

Thankfully, according to Dr. Doris Day, there are non-invasive ways to improve the look of your mom boobs. Treatments including Ulthera and Thermage have helped lift and tighten the chest and surrounding after pregnancy with excellent results. Mom boobs can be chic, after all.


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