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A Creative Ad Campaign About Breastfeeding

Written by Gary

breastfeeding ad campaign.

This new ad campaign about breastfeeding health focuses on infant nutrition by painting boobs as varied fast food choices.


We talk a lot about breastfeeding here on The Luxury Spot. For one thing, it’s how most of us learned to absorb nutrients, but for another, there are a lot of stigmas out there about breastfeeding and it really is high time we break some of them down. I say this as a man, ladies. That should tell you something– food is natural, and natural should be natural, shouldn’t it?

The ‘your baby is what you eat’ ad campaign focuses on raising awareness about the important of healthy nutrition during pregnancy and lactation. Basically, what you eat goes into your baby, so if you are drinking soda and eating donuts your baby is probably going to end up as Homer Simpson. That’s not a totally scientific opinion, but there IS a lot of info backing up healthy eating choices directly reflecting baby’s health in both the short and long term senses.

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So eat healthier, expectant mothers! That’s the message here. Boobs, boobs, the magical fruit… the more you eat, the more you’re cute (I mean, if you’re a baby anyway).

breastfeeding breastfeeding

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