A Quick At Home Facelift

Written by Linda

Earlier this week, I woke up from a good night’s sleep. And I was not happy. I’m not sure if it was the drop in temperature or being out two nights in a row, but I realized I could not walk out the door the way I looked.  It looked like I hadn’t slept in days!  No good.


I was heading to the gym and was not about to pile on makeup. My friends have been raving about Belacrema skin care’s crème and mask both called ONE.  I told them I would give the stuff a try as soon as I had a chance.  And by the looks of my face… I decided that this was the time.

I had no time for a mask, but slathered on the crème and said a quick little prayer.  Thankfully the crème–possibly coupled with prayer–helped instantly!

I looked awake and refreshed and my skin felt better too.  Having this crème on hand was a huge day-saver.

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