The Creepiest Water Park in the World

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Written by Gary

Abandoned waterpark in Vietnam.

A creepy abandoned waterpark in Vietnam is open to brave tourists.

goose attabandoned water park vietnamack

Call me crazy, but I love abandoned things. There is something really artsy and interesting about places that were made by man, but then left to their own devices to rot, and be overtaken by nature.

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Ho Thuy Tien, in Hue, Huong Thuy (I know that may not make much sense to Americans, but lets just go with it) was only half-finished when it opened in 2004, and apparently didn’t make any money so it was completely abandoned. Now the pools are infested and murky, the water slides are covered in grime, and nature has double-dicked it so many times, it is completely overtaken.

Adventurous tourists can visit it now, but its kind of a secret, so people pass directions back and forth on napkins, written on paper, or through dropped google pins. Still, if you can muster up the courage to visit, and manage to find it, you can take a really awesome photo through the dragons’ jaws.

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