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Accessories Spotting: Back To School, To Backpack or Not to Backpack?

Written by jessica.tannenbaum

Back to school time is right around the corner for most, and many colleges are starting up again within the next few days.  I’ve posted about a bunch of really awesome & trendy backpacks, but there still lies the debate of whether to carry a backpack or a tote during the school year.

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I always go back and forth over whether or not I want to carry a backpack when September rolls around every year.  The truth is, there are great things about both options.  Here’s why I love to carry a tote bag…

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1. They’re usually the cuter and trendier option- let’s be honest.  Most of us girls would rather carry an adorable tote bag and have our shoulders falling off than to carry an ugly backpack.

2.  Everything has a spot in a tote bag.  Trying to find something in a backpack requires extreme amounts of effort.  For example, let’s say you need to grab a pen and your backpack is on your back.  You have to unstrap your backpack, take it off, unzip the zipper and search through the bottomless pit.  Usually tote bags have separate compartments and you can grab a pen without breaking a sweat.

3.  Tote bags won’t knock people over.  When you’re carrying around your overstuffed backpack and turn around, you’re bound to whack someone in the face.  It’s destiny.

…That being said, I really am a backpack girl at heart.  Here’s why

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1.  They hold all of your stuff.  I’m a girl who is always carrying around tons of books and binders that are overflowing with papers and let’s be real, sometimes tote bags don’t cut it.

2.  Some brands make epic backpacks; Meredith Wendell or Steve Madden for example.

3.  I love being handsfree when my backpack is attached to both of my shoulders.  When you bend over with a tote bag, it falls right off your shoulder.


As you can see, the backpack debate can go both ways and I’m really in a back to school predicament.  What are your thoughts?

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