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Accessories Spotting: Silver & Gold Forever

Written by Casey

SIlver & Gold Together Forever

Do you remember that song from the Sound of Music that goes Silver and Gold forever? No? Maybe that is because it doesn’t exist, but when I was little I thought the lyrics to Edel Weiss were Silver and Gold. It was in my head before this post was incepted. Silver and gold two very serious jewelry options. I feel that everyone has to choose a side. And that once you are on that side you are stuck there for eternity.

For instance, when I was in middle school I was a gold girl, then I went to high school and became more of a bohemian punk so I was really into turquoise and silver. Now a bit older and wiser (wiser is still up for interpretation) I am realizing that I have all these lovely pieces of jewelry so punish myself by wearing only half of my collection. We shouldn’t have to worry about what mixing two, pretty neutral colors will do. Because chances are you are going to look awesome regardless.

Jewelry via:

Dinosaur Jewlery Boy NYC

Wrap Bracelets, Hamsa Necklace, and Leo CuffΒ Alexandra Beth Designs

Bandit Bib Necklaces and Naja BanglesΒ The 2Bandits

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