Airbnb Shark Room: Letting You Sleep with Real Sharks

airbnb shark tank
Written by Gary

Airbnb at the Paris aquarium.

The Airbnb Shark Room is letting guests sleep surrounded by 35 full-grown sharks. 

airbnb shark tank

I absolutely love Airbnb. Not only have I stayed in some awesome, off-the-beaten-path places because of them, but they also always strive to find new and interesting places for people to stay, from the catacombs of Paris, to a hanging cable car in the Alps.

Not to be outdone by themselves, Airbnb has organized a contest, where three lucky winners will get the chance to spend the night in a transparent glass bedroom 33 feet under the Paris aquarium, surrounded by 35 grown-ass sharks.

You can apply for the contest through their website, but must be 18 or older and in good health. The room itself contains a circular bed surrounded by views of the sharks. In case you’re worried about a Deep Blue Sea moment, the room was tested for durability in the Mediterranean, so you don’t have to worry about becoming a night-time snack.

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The entire prize package includes a presentation, dinner in the shark tunnel, and a night amongst the sharks. The stay is completely free, and includes travel to and from Paris.

Call me crazy, but I am definitely applying for this. Join me?

airbnb shark tank


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