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Amy’s Drive Thru Vegan Just Opened at SFO

Amy's Drive Through
Written by Fareeha Shahid

Amy’s Drive Through has opened a new branch in the Harvey Milk Terminal of San Francisco Airport, giving you another reason to eat healthy even when on a vacation. It’s especially important if you’re flying Icelandair Saga Class.

Amy's Drive Through

The brand new Amy’s drive through is humbly offering an exclusive range of food classics such as finger-lickin’ good burgers, savory pizza, scrumptiously wrapped burritos, and healthy milkshakes. So clearly nobody needs to leave San Francisco hungry. Did I forget my all-time fave comfort food? Yes, the dish that brings America together – mac and cheese!

Organic, veggie, and vegan offerings abound

The burgers, pizza, and burritos have one thing in common— the fact that you can get it in a variety of organic, veggie and vegan options. The menu contains options for gluten-free tortilla, vegan cheese, and veggie patties. A quick burger meal at Amy’s drive thru will cost you around $5.29, which includes the goodness of double veggie patties, tomato, onion, pickle and Fred Sr.’s secret sauce recipe. And yes, spice levels at Amy’s are adjustable.

If you’re going for a meal of organic pizza, a Margherita will cost around $6.99 and will be prepared with fresh tomatoes and basil— and even sunflower seeds! The best part is that you can upgrade your meal to a completely gluten-free, vegan option for an additional 50 cents, which is a small price to pay healthy choices.

Amy's Drive Through

Don’t worry, the new Amy’s drive through location will offer salads and other beverages. The dining terminal is inside Harvey Milk Terminal 1B, gate near Gate B6, and Amy’s is the clear star of the area. As a result of limited other nearby vegan-friendly offerings, Amy’s has grown a cult following among SFO travelers.

The café is open 7 days of the week, serving from 5:30 in the morning till 9:00 at night.

Here’s what patrons have to say about the new opening of Amy’s Drive Thru at SFO.

Amy's Drive Through

That’s what we’ve been saying too, Pri M.! Amy’s Drive Thru Vegan is a mermaid diet-approved choice, because obviously they’re vegans too.

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Amy's Drive Through Amy's Drive Through

The new Amy’s drive through is only open to ticketed passengers though, so make sure you’re in heading somewhere fun if you’re looking to try it.


Amy's Drive Through


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