An Adorably Sexist 1950s Kitchen

sexist 1950s kitchen
Written by Gary

Take a tour of a never-been-used kitchen from 1956.

sexist 1950s kitchen

It’s no secret that the 1950s weren’t a great time for women. Women were expected to be subservient to men, and put their vaginas on ice in favor of creating the perfect nuclear family unit, complete with shellacked hairdos, clean haircuts, and children that would inevitably turn to hard drugs in the 1970s.

This house, owned by a man named Nathan Chandler contains a kitchen from 1956 that has never been used. Remarkably, the house has never been occupied so everything is brand spanking new, including top-of-the-line (for that time) GE appliances in the most feminine, appealing baby pink color that anybody with working ovaries could ever dream of.

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The kitchen also contains tiny window shelves for secretly smoking weed, an oven that has no window, because women who are good at their jobs shouldn’t have to look, and a tissue box affixed to the wall, for all those after dinner tears of frustration.

Say what you will about this kitchen, but for as sexist as it is, I would be a proud gay man if I owned it. The oven would make a great place to keep my children.

sexist 1950s kitchen

sexist 1950s kitchensexist 1950s kitchen

sexist 1950s kitchen

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