An Uplifting Beauty Experience

Written by Linda

If there is one downfall to losing weight—it’s losing the elasticity in your skin. While the weeks of depriving yourself of goodies and doing tons of squats can result in a sculpted body and an uplifted rearview, your face may tell a completely different story.

Of course you’re thrilled your butt no longer sags. However, to your dismay, you find your neck is starting to! And the once tight skin across your then fuller—we won’t say chubby—cheeks has also started to loosen. Now if going under the knife is something you’d like to, if not totally avoid, at least delay for as long as possible you should give the facial sculpting cream by StriVectin a try. The cream is light, non-greasy, can be worn with your moisturizer and/or sunscreen and most importantly instantly makes your face appear tighter and more sculpted.

Click here to see the complete line of StriVectin’s products. Because you can’t do squats for your face.

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