Art Spotting: Hauntingly Haute Photos by JEFF orGINA

Written by Tanner

Creep on these hauntingly haute portraits by JEFF orGINA

Happy Friday the 13th! In spirit of this creepy, superstitious day, we’ve done some digging (in our archives, not graves) to bring you the sexiest, creepiest, most hauntingly haute portraits by the collaborative project of Peruvian Jaime Travezan and Italian David Tortora, otherwise known as JEFF orGINA. Why the name JEFF orGINA when neither collaborator has either name? Rumor has it the duo got their inspiration for part of the name from 50’s actress-turned-sculptor Gina Lollobrigida, and another from an interviewer’s definition of the actress’ art – “it’s Jeff Koons without the irony.” The two loved the quote and feel it is the “perfect parameter for defining everything that sits on that fine line between good and bad taste…we aim for our style to sit very close to that fine line…remaining on the ‘Jeff’ side.”
Ironic or not, Jeff, or Gina, this photography draws me in with its electric and eclectic juxtapositions, graphic manipulation, and dark edginess!

For more info on the artists, or view more their fan-freaky-tastic work,visit their online gallery,!

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