The Avocado Latte Combines All Your Favorite Brunch Habits

Written by Bryce

Yeah, the avocado latte is a thing, and no, it’s not green.

If you’re thinking an avocado latte is a rich, creamy green drink — you’re wrong. It was a reasonable guess, but not accurate, because the good people down under have actually just decided to forget the concept of coffee cups altogether and serve lattes straight up in avocado shells. Why? we’re not entirely sure, but it’s a thing and we’re fairly certain every brunch-goer around the globe is going to embrace the avocado latte trend with gusto.

From what our journalistic noses have gathered, the ridiculously sloppy-seeming avocado latte trend isn’t totally new, but is just starting to catch on in the mainstream. How it made it to the mainstream, we can only guess is rooted deeply in the world’s end nearing. Frankly, they don’t even taste like avocados or include any of the major health benefits like vitamins, fiber, and minerals.

Why not just have a regular latte in this mug?

If you’re wondering what the benefit of pouring a latte into an avocado shell is, join the club, because we’re still trying to figure this one out too.

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Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s an official name for the avocado latte. Avolattes.

What. What. What. Bye.

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