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Awesome Spotting: The Flask Tie

Written by Elizabeth Mitchell

Now your man can discreetly get his drank on too!

The couple that boozes together stays together (at least in our book that is)! Now if you’ll remember, last week we brought your attention to Cynthia Rowley’s genius Flask Bangle. Basically, it’s the accessory every classy lady needs at a party where the liquor ain’t flowing. We’re not sure why you’d be attending such a lame shindig in the first place, but hey, obligations, we understand.

Anyway, if your man likes to get his drank on too, you’ll want to be sure he’s not sipping up your limited supply of alcy all night. Cause, let’s be real, you aren’t down to share! That’s why you must buy him the Flask Tie. Available in seven different stunning and professional looking stripe styles, this baby holds up to 6 ounces of booze so he can discreetly indulge too just like you. Plus, at only $25.00, it’s quite a steal!

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