Are Baby Armadillos THE New Accessory Pet?

baby armadillos
Written by Gary

Baby armadillos are the cutest new trend in fashionable pets.

baby armadillos

Apparently baby armadillos are good for much more than road decorations. This video of Rollie the armadillo playing with his favorite pink toy has been making the rounds on The Internet, so I have a feeling its only a matter of time before people start dressing up, accessorizing, and walking the damn things around out in public.

Even though I have no idea what they actually are (and don’t care enough to google), armadillos seem like a good pet option because they have armor to protect themselves (from everything but cars) so your children can’t squeeze them to death, and they aren’t likely to fall victim to puncture wounds from your heels.

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They are basically better than dogs because they have no allergen-creating fur and can roll into a ball to keep the kids entertained.

Mark my words, it is only a matter of time before trampy young girls start carrying these little bastards around. So you should hop on the armadillo bandwagon early, and go hunt one down for your very own. I hear Texas is chock full of armadillos just waiting for a loving new family to take them in.


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