This Baby-in-Stocking Christmas Tradition Spreads Holiday Cheer

baby in stocking at texas methodist hospital
Written by Ruth K

Around 50 years ago, one very creative hospital in Texas found a way of adding an extra unexpected dose of holiday cheer. They’ve been at it ever since with their coo-worthy baby-in-stocking December holiday tradition.

Baby-in-stocking Christmas tradition jingles all the right bells

December-born babies at Methodist Children’s Hospital in Texas are still swaddled and placed inside cute red and white socks. Tiny, adorable faces peek out giving new parents joy and gratitude as they prepare to take their newest presents home. It’s probably the most Instagram-worthy thing we’ve seen on the net this year even though it’s been going for half a century. Even cuter than all the stuff on this newborn checklist.

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Stockings are still treasured decades later

Janie De Lare, who gave birth on Christmas 18 years ago, was among countless parents who have had their hearts filled with abundant joy because of this tradition. Many parents cherish this sentimental touch so much that they keep the actual stockings for a lifetime, using them to stuff gifts for the children who once fit in them. The stockings themselves are handmade by Bluebirds of Methodist Hospital, a volunteer group dedicated to keeping the baby in stocking custom going strong for generations to come. They don’t stop at stockings though, because they complete each look with a tear-jerking tiny hats to match. 

This very Christmas-in-Texas tradition takes stuffing stockings into a new realm, and it has received glowing reviews on social media. It’s even cuter than the really-amazing Japanese hospital food new moms are served in Tokyo.

Lynette Droge, a former baby stocking model herself, commented, “I was born on December 19 and came home in a Christmas stocking many many years ago. Still have it. This is precious!”

Another baby in stocking parent, Kathy Brodock, shared “My daughter was born on Christmas Day & was put in a Christmas Stocking! One of my granddaughters was a preemie & born before Christmas. She had to gain five pounds to come home… she was released Christmas Eve. I took a picture of her in a stocking.”

baby in stocking christmas tradition


We must admit, with such cheerfully festive testimonials, we’re eager for next year’s baby in stocking photos.

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