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A Bacon-Scented Candle? Yes Please!

stinky candle company
Written by Gary

I know some of the Jews out there won’t feel me on this, but I have always maintained that my dream apartment would look like the inside of Liberace’s asshole, be as comfortable as Jennifer Lawrence every time she trips on a red carpet (she’s just like us, guys), and constantly smell like bacon. One of my dreams has finally come true because the Stinky Candle Company has released a line of candles smelling like everything from bacon (the food of the gods) to exhaust fumes, leather, wet grass, urinals, fast food, and pencils.

stinky candle company
The idea is a pretty good one, because if you have ever walked into The Body Shop and come out with singed nose-hairs you know that scented candles typically only come in flowery, nostril-assaulting scents. It’s about time someone came in and switched up the candle-fragrance game, so I am glad the Chicago-based Stinky Candle Company is leading the charge.

I am even planning to suggest that they make an “old books” candle, to put the final nail in the coffin that is “the library”.

The hand-made bacon candles are available on their website, if you are someone with a refined palate and a taste for the finer aromas in life. #DreamsDoComeTrue

stinky candle company

stinky candle company

stinky candle company



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