Baking the World Better with B.T. Brownies

Written by Danielle

I don’t know that I’ve made it clear that I have the biggest sweet tooth known to mankind. I recently told a friend about how I pick up a pack of DOTS candy every day at the subway newspaper stand on my way home. She asked if I was being serious. I was. Ask anyone who knows anything about me, and they’ll tell you that I’m the adult in the group who is still okay with eating dessert first, pastries for breakfast, and candy as a snack. All. The. Time.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that when B.T. Brownies sent me a sampling of their delish homemade brownies, I pretty much died and went to Glutton Heaven (Ha!). 

B.T. Cookie Brownie, 6 for $20.95 

B.T. Cookie Brownie, 6 for $20.95

B.T. Chocolate Brownie, 6 fofr $20.95

B.T. Chocolate Brownie, 6 for $20.95

While the simple Chocolate Brownie and the absolutely divine Cookie Brownie definitely topped my List of Favorite Baked Goods Ever, the other concoctions are just as lovely; think Pumpkin and Raspberry Cheesecake goodness.  Freshly made with top-notch organic ingredients, fair trade chocolate, and locally-grown dairy products, these brownies will leave you boycotting commercial bakeries for good! 

There’s also a cute story behind the company: B.T. actually stands for “Better Together,” a name that was inspired by founder Todd Kelly’s relationship with his wife, who encouraged him to leave his job as a financial analyst to pursue his passion for baking. A fun tidbit that is also linked to the name? The two shared their first dance as husband and wife to Jack Johnson’s “Better Together” on their wedding day! 

Count these yummy, homemade brownies in as another staff favorite – five stars of love from The Luxury Spot!

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