Beach Defense 101: What you need to know about sunscreen

Written by Bryce

Beach Defense 101: an everything-you-need-to-know course of keeping your skin in perfect shape at the beach.

 Whether you’re addicted to the sand between your toes or just lounging by the pool, just about everyone will in the sun this weekend (yes, even eating grilled things on a patio counts as sun exposure!). Here are the facts you’ll want to know before baring your skin:

1. Even on a cloudy day, up to 80% of the sun’s UV rays can pass through. Sunscreen on a daily basis is essential for this reason!

2. It takes about a full shot glass of sunscreen to cover the average adult body. Any less and you’re not getting the full SPF number on the bottle. If you’re heading to the beach with friends, be a sport and pick up a couple bottles of Neutrogena before going. They can bring the waters and snacks.

3. SPF 30 is the minimum experts recommend. Go higher though, because most people only apply about 50% of what they ACTUALLY need.

4. Opt for a PABA-free sunscreen to keep your skin healthy and glowing (like the Neutrogena line).

5. Stash a stick formula in your purse. It goes on like a deodorant, stores easily, and is super light weight. is a personal fave.

6. Remember to reapply. Every 1-2 hours is best.

Neutrogena has various forms – lotion, spray, stick – to accommodate your personal preferences. You can totally customize your sunscreen for your lifestyle, which is likely the most important step in getting people to wear it as regularly as they should. Check out the entire line at

Now get out there and enjoy some beach time this weekend!

This post was sponsored, but the facts are real and I am actually wearing the Neutrogena sunscreen stick right this minute. It’s that good.

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