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Beautiful Valentines Under $50

Written by Bryce

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we thought we’d help you find a variety of cutesy ways to say “I love you.” Heck, even just an “I’m thinking of you” is pretty great! If you’ve got $50 or less to spend (I mean, not everyone can shower someone with literally 1 million rose petals like this guy), here’s what you’ll want to check out:

1. Don’t go diamonds. Show your sister or your best friend how much you care with a chic, simple heart ring. Gold versions are $42 each, silver $38 each.  Available at Dogeared, here.

2. Champagne always wins. Buy a bottle to sip together, or consider baking these champagne-infused cookies for someone you love. Nothing says “you matter to me” quite like homemade carbs! Check out this recipe by Girl vs Dough.

3. Take a couple’s yoga class, and wear your most loving gear. 2 yoga passes usually runs about $30, add in the perfectly pin-accented yoga capris for under $20 and you come in delightfully under budget. These Xersion capris will get you through romantic yoga, your normal day at the gym, or even to lounge around on a lazy Sunday (let’s be real, that’s how most yoga pants are used). Available at JCP, here.

4. Massage on a bed of roses, sort of. While getting or giving a massage on a bed of roses might not be entirely realistic on a $50 budget, using a rose-scented lotion for the rub down couldn’t be more perfect. Weleda’s Wild Rose Body Oil will take you away to a rose garden, or where you might imagine Cupid himself was born. Set the mood with dim lighting and soothing music. Available here.

5. Just rock your perfect red. No one to shower with affection? Who cares… just go out there and give the world your best red nails.  Rock an awesome shade of bright red like this one by Formula X for Sephora. It’s cheap n chic at just $10.50, and bright reds are a perennial fashion-must. Available here.

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6. A little lingerie never hurt. Hanky Panky panties are timeless (well, at least since their invention… what did we do before they existed?!), and these have romance written all over them. Florals, low cut, and thong… everything a romantic heart could want. $24 at

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