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Beauty Restocked: What You Need Now

Written by Bryce

Beauty Restocked: what you need now to get you through till the crisper, cooler days of autumn.

It’s not uncommon for summer beauty stashes to run low by the time we hit August, but what you buy now will have to take you through the early days of fall, so it’s best to stock up wisely on versatile products. If you missed my segment on New York Live on NBC New York, here’s the roundup of everything I brought on with me:

1. Fragrance. Pick something with fresh, vibrant notes that work for hot weather and deeper, sexier notes for cooler, autumn days. DKNY Be Delicious is an iconic New York scent that wears easily, lasts a long time, and can easily go from the beach back to the board room. $68, at Macys.

2. Get your skin favorites, on sale. Neutrogena is having a “buy three, get one free” promotion at Target for all facial care products (including cleansers, moisturizers, powders and foundations). Load up on everything your face needs, especially the Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes, and stash the free stuff for a later time… have you ever not needed face wash?

3. There’s new technology in lipstick, and it’s wearable vinyl. Seriously! For the 1st time, water, soluble lacquers & glycerine are combined in a lip lacquer with super bright, vibrant hues that work day or night, regardless of season. The colors are so rich that you’ll end up addicted year round. At, any minute now.

4. Deep moisture, but lightweight. Whether your hair is super fine and straight or full of bouncy, coarse curls– it needs moisture. I’m in love with the new Dove Oxygen Moisture Soufflé Treatment deeply moisturizes hair without weighing it down, adding tons of volume and hydration. It’s super affordable and can be used a few different ways. For fall hair, just use it as directed, but for bigger, curlier summer hair like mine I like to use it as a treatment and then leave a nickel-sized amount in my hair, comb through, and air dry for the most gorgeous frizz-free beach hair ever. $5.99 at and drugstores.

5. Perfect legs till we’re back to tights season. There’s a little tube of very mild bronzing makeup cream that’s meant to be applied to legs as a sheer, buildable leg makeup to hide imperfections like tiny veins and mild bruising. When summer’s over and legs are hidden beneath fabric again, it becomes a perfect solution for neck and decollete areas to camouflage sun and age spots and other imperfections. Plus, one little bottle goes a long way. $34 at

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