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Beauty Spotting: A totally relaxing bath

Written by Bryce

All the bathtime glory you could ever need.

Taking a bath is almost always a relaxing treat, but there’s a difference between a good bath and a great bath… and that’s 99% about what goes in the water. I’ve been living for three things lately, and they’re all full of natural goodness that makes you want to strip down and hit the water.

1. Seaweed Powder Bath. I never thought I’d say this, but I really love adding this seaweed powder directly to my bath even though it makes the whole bathroom smell just like the day after a hurricane at the beach. It’s some serious stuff- but after a minute or two of adjusting to the smell you sort of drift off into a happy, serene bath filled with golden-hued water that’ll soften every inch of your body. This powder was formulated to help heal skin ailements like eczema, but if you’re a regular gal with dry skin it’ll take you from patchy to perfect in 20 minutes.

2. Wembe Mango Soap. Aside from me being a regular bar soap junkie, this one smells so delish it’ll blow your mind. It’s also hydrating, rustic-looking, and sort of screams out “this’ll be almost as natural as bathing beneath a waterfall in Hawaii amidst lotus flowers and orchids.” Oh, and I happen to think it’s an excellent lubricant for shaving.

3. JASON Aloe Vera Conditioner. On those lovely nights when I have time to soak into a hot bath, I love coating my hair in JASON conditioner, throwing it up in a messy bun, and rinsing it out in a shower following the end of the bath. It’s loaded with good stuff like spirulina (micro-algae), proteins and amino acids, real aloe vera, and won’t weigh hair down.

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