Beauty Spotting: Get Hair Like the Models at Milan Fashion Week

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Versace Hair Milan Fashion Week

Who wouldn’t want to look like a model straight fresh off the runway of a Prada or Versace show in Milan? I want to, but since I can’t achieve the clothing or the bone structure at home, the least I can do is get their hairstyles. You can too – just follow these steps, and you’ll make Miuccia and Donatella proud.

prada milan fashion week hair

To get this boyish glam look from the Prada show:

1. Apply thickening lotion or volumizing mousse to slightly damp hair roughly blow-dry.

2. Smooth hair by brushing with a boar-bristle brush.

3. Spray with finishing spray, concentrating on the roots, to give hair texture, grip, and slight height at the crown when putting it up and then lightly brush out again.

4. Gather hair up in the back, and then form a french twist shape by beginning to twist at the crown of the head and then rolling in.

5. Instead of tucking the ends in at the end of the roll, leave the ends of the hair over the forehead to appear like bangs and secure twist with pins.

6. Arrange the “bangs” on the forehead and then spray entire style with finishing spray to maintain the shape and set the style.

Versace Spring 2013 hair Milan fashion week

To get Versace’s matte, desert-inspired locks:

1. Apply volume spray foam to damp hair and roughly blow-dry with fingers, scrunching hair as you dry.

2. Twist hair up into a bun to set it and mist with aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo for texture.

3. Take hair out of the bun, spray more powder refresh for added texture and a matte finish.

Images courtesy of Redken. 

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