Beauty Spotting: Paul Labrecque Says Color is Totally “In”

Written by Bryce

Who knew streaks were going to be hot for a while? Not me!

I recently asked NYC hair guru (and stylist to the stars), Paul Labrecque, what he thought the hottest trends in hair are for this season. I sort of assumed he’d say the flat, ironed look that seems to be popping up all over… but he always surprises me. Instead, he confessed that colorful streaks are totally here to stay for more than just a minute, and they can actually be done without chemically treating our hair (hello temporary hair insanity… love!).

“Before there was Gaga pushing the envelope, fashion week designers and stylists have been pushing the envelope to create hot, exciting, and bold new trends. Everyone looks to New York Fashion Week for the next hot trends in fashion and beauty. Fashion Week for Spring 2012 showed us just that. Models came down the runway with splashes of neon pinks and blues streaked in their hair for a rocker-chic influence. I love classic, rich warm colors on most women I work with, but every so often it is so fun to jump out of the box, take the leap and go with Punk Pink or a Head banging Blue for someone with the guts to go there. Whether all over, or just a few streaks on the ends, you will have everyone looking your way during the dreary winter months. At my Salon and Spa locations we can use new quickie extension tapes to add color without chemically altering hair. You can make sure to keep you color looking fresh from fading using my Paul Labrecque Color line.”

Check out Paul & his product line here.

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