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Beauty Spotting: The Hangover Kit

Written by Ashley

Did that 5th round of shots get the best of you, last night? Keep these hangover approved products on hand to prepare for the world.

If you find today (or any day) ends up being “Bring Your Hangover to Work Day” make sure you have these all on hand to prep for the day… and to fool everyone in the office in to thinking you’re a well adjusted, suitable human.

1. If you usually start your hangover remedy with some of the strongest coffee you can find accompanied with a couple of asprin, streamline the process while making it less barfworthy with this miracle product.  Each dose of Blowfish contains 1000 mg of aspirin (a maximum-strength dose) and 120 mg of caffeine (about as much as a cup of coffee). FDA approved and only $2.99 a dose []

2. Then proceed to shower, on the road to recovery. A revitalizing scent like the newest Bergamot Vert collection from Thymes will surely do the trick and awaken your soul from death. [$18]

3. Didn’t get all of your eye makeup off that you (obviously) slept in?  philosophy‘s purity made simple facial cleansing oil is the ticket to a clean slate removing all dirt, oil & makeup in one luxurious use. Yes, cleansing oil even works on oily skin, babes, and will keep you looking refined through the winter. [$25]

4. After your makeup is outta here, prep for a new application of concealer & some eye-opening mascara with Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Brightening Eye Roller. This antioxidant rich rollerball application, in a circular motion, will refresh and reduce dark circles that have inevitably resulted from dehydration and that whopping 3.5 hrs of sleep you got. [$19.99]

5. Finally, after begrudgingly putting pants on and slinking to the daylight, shield yourself from society with a pair of SPEX-y shades. This particular style, Harper is large  enough to really hide the shame behind these shade that are super on-trend. [$58]

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