Beauty Spotting: Violent Lips

Written by jessica.tannenbaum

The other day, I was scrolling through my tumblr feed (as per usual) and stumbled upon a picture of a hipster girl wearing “Violent Lips”.  I was totally shocked, because I had never seen anything like this.  Violent Lips are literally a lip tattoo that come in all sorts of patterns and colors.  They’re awesome for those days when you’re just feeling bold, or have a themed party to go to.

The lip tattoos will last all night and are easily removable, so you won’t be left with any residue the next morning.  To learn how to apply the tattoo, click here.

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Jessica is a girly-girl who loves beauty, fashion, and all things pink. Her closet is a mashup of J. Crew and Forever21, and she loves capturing moments on her iPhone 5.

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