Five Benefits of Stress

benefits of stress
Written by Gary

If you are a grown ass woman, chances are you have a little experience with stress. If you are like me, the second you turned 18, a ton of bills, credit cards, social responsibilities, relationships, and unwanted pregnancies hit you like a ton of bricks, and haven’t stopped since. While stress definitely sucks mountains of balls, there are also some benefits to constantly being wired.

benefits of stress

Since I am an eternal optimist, here are a few examples of benefits of stress:

Stress makes you more resilient. People who have been through shit are automatically more likely to know how to deal with shit, when shit happens again. And trust me, shit happens again. So if you are going through something tough right now, just keep in mind that you will know how to deal with similar situations in the future, and have yourself a drink.

Stress is a great diet. While it definitely isn’t healthy to lose weight due to stress, it sure is sexy. I have seen people lose weight a lot of different ways, but stress was definitely the fastest and most extreme. The only problem is, after that stress is gone, the weight tends to come back, but you will probably be married by then.

Stress releases adrenaline. That automatic fight or flight feeling you get when you are under stress is meant to help you escape from stressful situations, like being hit on by Italian guys at bars, or getting attacked by a bear. That adrenaline will give you a boost of energy that you can channel into things like exercise, or craft projects.

Stress can get you laid. Tell a guy that you are super stressed out and see if sex isn’t the first thing he offers you.

Stress can enhance your immune system. It may not seem likely, but short bouts of stress actually enhance your immune system and improve your body’s resistance to infection. Keep in mind I am talking about short-term stress like running on a treadmill, not chronic stress such as your lackluster dead-end job at a government law firm.

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