Best and Worst of Fashion Week’s Beauty Trends (told by top editors)

Written by Bryce

If you ever have a serious life question (and I mean serious, like everything from lipstick to lovers and all that happens in between) your best bet is to head straight to a beauty or lifestyle editor for advice. Why? Because they see literally everything from the best socks on the market to the most luxurious linens, they meet with the top skincare docs to discuss dermal fillers, and even travel the globe in search of miracle spices. With that said, I present to you the best and worst beauty trends of New York Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2013 showing.

Graphic Eyeliner from Lanvin’s Showing

The Best:

“If there is makeup, there’s a lot of graphic, black liner on the top and bottom lashes that usually extends to a sharp point. Great products for this are MAC’s Fluidline in Blacktrack and NARS Larger Than Life eyeliner. Oh! The no mascara trend backstage can suck it. And by it, I mean every tube of mascara that I own.” Sarah Conley,

“I’m loooooving all the beautiful brown smoky eyes I’ve seen backstage, but the most killer makeup look of the week was the antique gold leaf-embellished eye at alice + olivia. Sarah Lucero for Stila Cosmetics KILLED IT. So, I would say I love both the brown smoldering eye trend I’ve seen, but for evening, I hope that gold leaf thing takes off. I need glitter to take a break and stop blinding me for a season.” Kristin Booker, Fashion.Style.Beauty

Beauty from Alice + Olivia Fall 2013 at NY Fashion Week

“I’m loving the dark vampy lips we saw at Dannijo and Philip Lim. With matte, clean skin and clean (eyeliner-free) eyes, it’s dark and mysterious without being Morticia-like.” Alexis Wolfer,

“I always love to wear a red lip whether it’s on trend or not, but it was back on the runways in full force. Yay! I think with all the stong  and rich winter clothing colors of emerald, burgundy, deep blues and bold metallics, a red lip is the way to go.” Candice Sabatini,

“Focus on red lips on every runway-yay! Hair that looks like it actually belongs on your head (on most runways), bee stung lips at Lela Rose are so romantic, and women really CAN do that at home! Also, The HUGE fauxhawk Patrick Melville did for Monica Chiang’s presentation really only using Aveeno Dry Shampoo for hold and texture” Alison Blackman,

Light Up Your Lips by Elizabeth Grant

The Worst:

“I just hate matte nail polish. It reminds me of chipping car paint on an old-timey automobile and looks the way nails on a chalkboard sounds. To me, anyway.” Amber Katz,

“I hated the strong, dark brows. More natural brows, even if they need a little help with a brow tint or pen, are much more real life than something that looks alien. Can you imagine going to work this way? Your boss will think you have angry eyes all day long.” Shannon Nelson, A Girl’s Gotta Spa!

“Whenever the slicked down ‘wet’ hair makes it’s way on the runway (as seen in Nicholas K, Kenneth Cole, Alexander Wang…) I can appreciate it as part of the shows; although that’s one trend I feel should come with a disclaimer of ‘for artistic purposes only, do not try this at home.'” Lara Eurdolian,

Slicked Back Hair… not for novices

“Magenta pink eyeliner and mascara at Donna Karan. Yeah, I know it’s just for the runway, but geez, it was ugly.” Candice Sabatini,

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