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The Best Baby Strollers for Your Lifestyle

Written by Bryce

There’s a vast sea of baby strollers on the market, so how do you choose the right one within your lifestyle? Here’s what to keep in mind before shopping.

I think I’ve been around the block a few times with this baby stroller shopping thing — I’m currently on pregnancy number 4 and because I’ve been having babies over an 8 year period, I’ve gotten to see the full evolution of strollers from the perspective of everything from city posh to rugged, all terrain jogging strollers and more. What I’ve learned is that you really have two options, which are either 1) find one stroller that’s versatile enough to fit all your lifestyle needs, or 2) have two separate strollers for different occasions. The latter mentality is what I call the ‘purse mindset’ because it’s like having your big slouchy do-it-all purse for everyday use, and then a little nighttime something-or-other for special occasions and trips.

Here are some key features to consider by lifestyle when you’re stroller shopping:

    1. The on-the-go suburban lifestyle. You’re in and out of the car all the time with your new baby, and the idea of having a separate carseat and stroller situation is just beyond comprehension when you’ve got about a million other things to remember. The Chicco Bravo Trio┬áSystem is easy peasy to assemble (if you can turn on a light switch, you can do this), affordable at under $400 for both a stroller AND a high quality infant car seat), and is available in gender-neutral color ways, making it super practical for growing families (because hey, you really never know what’s coming next, do you?). also has a bunch of good accessories to add on as baby grows (like food/drink trays) which make this stroller system an easy, effective pick for practical parents in the burbs and beyond.

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2. The city-dwelling, luxury lifestyle. This one made a lot of personal sense to me when I had my first two children — the Stokke Xplory is chic, comes in a variety of beautiful color options, and is one of the best baby strollers for tall parents out there, thanks in part to the very adjustable handlebar and rear or forward facing stroller positions (you can choose). Aside from it being generally pretty to look at (think of it as a sports car vs a minivan), it’s incredibly practical for the parent who loves to eat out at restaurants and take their baby with them because it’s perfect for just about any table height. Now that my first 3 kids are slightly older (the youngest being 2 years old), I’m enjoying the easy folding and increased mobility of the Stokke Scoot.

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3. For the “I must be unique in my fashion statements, strollers included” lifestyle. Baby strollers, unsurprisingly are going upscale and getting the same types of bells and whistles that many high end car manufacturers offer (because after all, a ride is a ride, right?). One such stroller company, Mima Kids, is allowing customers to fully customize all the finishes on their strollers including everything from metals to fabrics. And yes, rose gold is an option on their signature Xari stroller. It doesn’t come cheap, but if rose gold and elegant prints are your thing because you don’t want to show up at lunch with the same stroller as anyone else, this may be the baby stroller for you and your equally as stylish little one.┬áMore info here.

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The design process on Mima's website is fairly straight forward, but fun

The design process on Mima’s website is fairly straight forward, but fun


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4. For the trendy, jet-set lifestyle. I mean, this stroller is actually named “Babyzen” and that must be good for something, right? Who doesn’t want a zen baby? I know I do (insert crossed fingers here for my upcoming baby’s arrival to be zen and stay that way for a lifetime). This one is easy to maneuver, fold, and get on and off long haul flights to anywhere you may have in mind (Bora Bora, anyone?).


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5. Stroller accessories are not to be forgotten, and that’s a lifestyle everyone can get on board with. Baby strollers don’t stop at just the stroller and the baby, do they? Of course not. Part of parenting is living for all those weirdly-wonderful add ons and knick knacks like snack trays, stroller outfits, blankets, etc. I’m currently loving these quilted pram outfits by Little Me because they’re perfect for crisp days and cool early morning jaunts, easy to clean, and affordable enough to order a bunch of backups. Even better, because they’re not blankets designed for a specific stroller brand, your little one can enjoy riding in any stroller he/she deems best.

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Loved this baby stroller roundup? I’d love to hear which stroller you’re currently pushing and why you love it. Weigh in below in the comments section! occasionally receives products or brand sponsorships for mentioning their products and services.


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