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One of the Best Foods for Creativity is Already in Your Pantry

Written by Bryce

You already have one of the best foods for creativity in your pantry. Guess which one.

Are you sitting down? We hope so, because your normal cup of tea is actually one of the best foods for creativity, and drinking a single cup each day (even totally wicked cheese tea) could be enough to get all your best creative juices flowing. Really.

A new study suggests drinking tea can instantly boost creative behaviors by improving one’s mood. Researchers from Peking University observed 50 students during their experiment which had half the group sipping a cup of black tea, and the other half sipping plain water. The subjects were then given two different tests designed to measure analytical ability and creative abilities. In both tests, the tea drinkers scored better, proving one of the best foods for creativity is already perched on your kitchen shelf, just waiting to be used. Frankly, this is even better than the time we found out drinking spearmint tea for acne actually works to help clear it up.

There was no mention if adding sweeteners or other things like cream, almond milk, or flavorings might impact the findings, but we’re pretty excited to head back to work with a hot cup of tea and some inspiration goals. Tea is also the perfect beverage to wash down the best prebiotic foods, and these deliciously wonderful foods for healthy hair.

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