The Best New Face Masks of 2019 For Every Skin Concern

best new face masks
Written by Bryce

We found the best new face masks you’ll glow over.

Face masking is still the most major thing in the the world of beauty right now, so we did what any decent science-based journalists would do — put together a no-bull list of the best new face masks you definitely need to try. Every skin type, concern, and budget is covered here (yes, even those fungal acne woes can be addressed), so we know you’ll be thrilled.

For sweaty, workout-loving skin

best new face masks free

This budget-friendly formula clears sweat and debris, prevents future breakouts, and removes excess oils while unclogging pores on nose skin and even more delicate areas like the cheeks and chin. It’s the ideal mask for fitness buffs and those living in constantly-warm climates.

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For over-30 skin

Anyone over 30 needs to fall in love with glycolic acid, and quickly. It goes to work sloughing off rough, dead skin cells, revitalizing skin’s texture, and even dialing down some mild hyperpigmentation issues (you should read up on hydroquinone dangers while you’re at it). That’s exactly why the NEOVA Serious GlyPeel Peel-Off Mask is one of the best new face masks on our list — it’s loaded with glycolic acid, antioxidants, and skin-calming botanicals.

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For dry, sensitive skin

best new face masks

This Eau Thermale Avène Soothing Moisture Mask is ideal for skin that’s easily irritated. In fact, the rich, creamy texture even feels great post-beach if you’ve spent a little too much time in the sun and forgot to reapply your favorite safe sunscreen. But you’d never do that, would you? It’s a perfect pre-game for our list of the best Korean serum picks, too.

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Our favorite budget-friendly face mask

best new face masks

Of all the best new face masks on this list, only one rings in at such an affordable $3 — and that’s the TONYMOLY I’m Real Lemon Brightening Mask Sheet. Aside from being ultra-adorable, it’s easy to use, and packed with hydrating and skin-brightening ingredients. It’s great for teen faces, too. It’s one of our favorite Korean sheet masks on the market.

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For skincare junkies

best new face masks 2019

If those regular, soothing masks just aren’t doing the most for your skin anymore — we get it. You’re obsessed, and you need to move onto harder, deeper stuff to keep your face living the most extra-extra life possible. You’ll need a dose of Luzern Laboratories Hydra Enzyme Masque Nuit then. It’s basically all your other exfoliating masks but on speed. And possibly something even stronger, because this stuff is for overnight use and you can expect to wake up with what is arguably considered a new face. Comfort is the enemy.

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For multi-taskers

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Get ready for a mind-blowing mask concept. Circcell Geothermal Clay Cleanser is both a regular facial cleanser and a mask. You can slather it on to break up dirt, debris, makeup, and impurities. Then you’ll let it sit for a couple minutes to go to work as a clay mask. You’ll be impressed, and we’re calling it one of the best new face masks of the year because it’s so multi-functional.

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For gentle exfoliation

best new face masks

If the Luzern option scared the living daylights out of you and you’re more of a mild-mannered, ladylike beauty lover, the When Rose Coconut Gentle Exfoliating Mask is definitely your speed — and hello, it’s affordable and available at Costco. It’s a total win for a dose of both soothing hydrating and gentle exfoliation on a budget. Plus, it smells like a dream, and we think it’s one of the best gifts for women in their 20s, too.

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For the CBD lover

cbd face masks

CBD everything is currently everywhere, including our list of totally-necessary solid oils for skin, and these Mantra Mask CBD Collagen Masks are some of the best new face masks for 2019 as they’re both effective and on-trend. Each mask offers 30 mg of real CBD, 22 amino peptides to stimulate collagen production and regeneration, and hyaluronic acid. The brand also offers masks that help treat acne-prone skin (sip some spearmint tea to boost the effects, though).

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For the breakout-prone day spa lover

environ mask best new face masks

If you’re the type to head to a spa or dermatology office for your facials, you’ll love buying your own Environ Focus Care Clarity+ Hydroxy Acid Sebu-Clear Masque. It’s a low pH acid cream mask that boasts exfoliating acids to clear existing breakouts and encourage glowing skin in the future.

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For forever-young types

best new face masks

The Body Shop has one of the best new face masks of 2019, and it has everything to do with the addition of Edelweiss. If you’re wondering, that’s a mountain flower known for incredible anti-aging and healing properties. It’s typically found in products far more expensive than $6, FYI. The Drops of Youth Youth Concentrate Sheet Mask is simple to apply, takes only 15 minutes to hydrate, soften, and freshen, and is easy enough to pack in your carryon bag for a long flight. Did we mention it’s biodegradable? It is.

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For the lazy-but-beautiful mask lover

thrive causemetics overnight mask

You’ll want to try Thrive Causemetics Overnight Sensation Brightening Sleep Mask, and not just because it’s easy. You’ll slather some on after washing up before hitting the sack, sleep, and wake up to brighter skin. Key ingredients include melatonin to repair the skin overnight, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump, and glycolic and vegan lactic acid to slough off those old, rough layers of skin. Feel free to use a jade roller for a face massage with this one, too.

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