Why Visit Outer Space When You Can Just Go to New Mexico?

bisti badlands
Written by Gary

The Bisti Badlands in New Mexico resemble extraterrestrial terrain.

bisti badlands

Good news:You don’t have to leave earth to imagine life on another planet. If having alien encounters are your thing, just take your ass to the southwest United States. Not only can you stop by an alien whorehouse, but you can also explore the Bisti Badlands, a desert located in northeastern New Mexico that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

The landscape is made up of strange rock formations in fungal shapes made of colorful sandstone and shale that look other-wordly. The odd shaped rocks and small labyrinths were created by hundreds of years of water and moisture wearing away at a layer of soft ash. This strange desert phenomenon has created top-heavy rock structures that are not only beautiful, but unique.

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So if you need a little creative inspiration, or just have a little brother who is really into science fiction, New Mexico would be a great destination for a road trip. Extra points if you spring for an alien prostitute to cure him of his latent virginity before college.

bisti badlands

bisti badlands

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