Blue Wine is Now Totally a Thing

blue wine
Written by Gary

Blue wine is finally a thing.

A Spanish winemaker has perfected the art of blue wine.

blue wine

I am not much of a wino, because I typically never drink unless I am planning to get rip-roaring drunk (I am 25% Irish, after all). I will say however, that I prefer white wine over red, and blue wine over any wine.

A Spanish winemaker Gik has made the possibility of blue wine into a reality by combining anthocyanin (a color pigment found in grape skin), with indigo (a dye extracted from an Isatis tinctoria plant). They then threw in a non-caloric sweetener, and blue wine was born.

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Apparently, blue wine tastes similar to a sweet white wine, which sounds delicious to me. The company soft-launched their smurf-wine in Spain last year, and are currently trying to expand into France, the Netherlands, the UK, and Germany. I have no idea if or when it is coming to the U.S., but imagine how popular you would be at a wine-tasting party if you showed up with blue wine!

The novelty would almost make up for the fact that you are at a wine-tasting party.

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