Bright Eyes

Written by Ashley

No, not the emo wah wah band. I’m talkin’ about me, and MY Bright Eyes.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter whether or not your face is flawless and your pores can’t be seen. If your eyes look tired you may as well just call it a day, and become a Courtney Love impersonator.

Believe me. I know. After a wild weeknight, I awoke looking, yes, like Courtney Love. I was running a little on the late side, so upon my departure from home, I still had the makeup step left to accomplish, which I have been able to master crammed between hundreds of hipsters on the subway while jamming out to my iPod.  While prepping myself, I pulled out my little sample tube of Origins GinZing to see if, by chance, I could help my dark-circle-situation out at all, before I got to the office.  I lightly dabbed this light-pink cream under my eyes and  and immediately felt a complete and total cooling effect, while being one eye bat away from looking as thought I had gotten more than 2 hours of sleep!  I started finding an awesome playlist to listen to while applying glittery bronzer, most likely getting it all over my neighbors, and beginning to get back to my eyes. Then, out of nowhere, a hipstery yet well put together gal standing next to me motioned to me to take out my headphones, as she began to take hers out.. I was terrified. Did I get glittery bronzer on her boyfriend? Did I offend her with the wafting scent of grapefruit and whiskey coming from my pores? I was really hoping not to get into a knife fight so early in the morning- especially with the hangover I had.

Hipstery Gal: “What did you just put on your eyes!?! You seriously look so much better.  I need something like that to get rid of my bags. Did you go out last night, too?

Me: “Why, yes I did go out last night, and why Yes, you do need something for your dark circles.  Take this one! I have plenty


Origins GinZing $29.50

Whew, that was a close one. I’m glad to have avoided the knife fight. She literally started slathering hers on right there- and we did the test. I saw the difference on her within seconds. We then became bright-eyed soulmates all the way to Union Sq, comparing notes on where to find this seasons hottest boat shoes, and what bars in the LES were worth going to.

Thank you Origins, for my new commuter friend, and my rested eyes!  [ $29.50]

FYI- if you’re looking for a good Cucumber Vodka? Look no further. Steph and I stumbled upon Square One Organic Vodka and it kicks major ass. It gives every recipe calling for vodka a refreshing twist. My fav, and the drink to blame for my aforementioned hangover, is the Pineapple Splash.


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