Britney Spears Workout Videos are Currently Flying Around Instagram

Written by Bryce

Yeah, Britney Speaks workout videos are a thing.

If you’re wondering if this is about to go in a Jane Fonda circa 1989 direction, no. Unfortunately the Britney Spears workout videos in question have little to do with VHS and everything to do with Instagram. You know what that means, right? We all get a window into Britney’s abs, and it’s as free as your wifi. What kind of Britney workouts can a normal pleb like yourself expect? Good question. Let’s start here.

Britney has a strict no-ab-left-behind policy, and we’re here for it. Also, we’re wondering what she’s eating, or not eating? Is she all raw? Gluten-free? Just air flavored with a hint of watermelon?

Her yoga moves are everything you’d expect them to be, too, because all Britney Spears workout videos are set to the tune of her own music, and while they’re just a little out there, totally watchable. Makes sense, and this is even better than the Britney Spears inspired pregnancy announcements that were going around a while ago.

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But wait, there’s more! She’s also uploading group fitness class videos where she instructs children and teenagers on their best hip hop ballet moves. Like.


She’s also giving us all access to tramp stampage. We appreciate how real she’s keeping it, because she’s a time capsule for our millennial happiness, and that’s scientific fact.

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Peace and plies, Brit. We love you forevs.

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