Bryce Gruber’s Thoughts of the Day (censorship and lingerie edition)

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“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it” -Confucius

1. I Used To Hate Lingerie, Now I Love It. When I was 20 and living with my first boyfriend, we had possibly the lamest sex life ever. In fact, I think we had sex a total of 5 times in the 4.5 years we spent together, and for a lot of reasons. We were partially nailed to our cultural beliefs of trying to hold out till marriage (although I really didn’t want to marry him so I guess I was just killing time), and even though I loved him very much at that point in my life, we just didn’t really have sexual chemistry. I can’t even really remember making out with him… so, it’s for that reason that I spent much of my early 20’s without a real need or desire for lingerie. Sure, I had bras that matched panties and all that, but it was really just on principal. I remember him coming home one Valentine’s Day to proudly present me with a box brimming with sexy little numbers, but all I could think was “don’t let him see how disappointed you are that it’s not chocolate.”

2. Fast Forward… The next relationship was kind of weird and not necessarily overloaded with love- it was the right place and time and before I knew it I was pregnant and lingerie just wasn’t happening. In fact, most of the time we were together the relationship was teetering on the edge of “so I’ll see in you in court…” so the few nice pieces of lingerie that I had acquired by that point were seldom used at best. But when you get to be 180 lbs as a 24 year old pregnant woman, all you think think about is the dream of having your pre-baby body back some day soon and all the sexy, beautiful things you want to do with it. After Ben was born I had the boobs that every woman dreams of (like I said in a previous post, 34DD and resting somewhere near my ears), and breastfeeding had whittled away whatever fat I had accumulated. Even though I was totally single (and somewhat afraid to even touch a man), all I wanted to do was wear sexy things because I could. I started to collect lacy nighties, plunging bras, silky thongs, and just about anything else I could get my hands on… just waiting to unleash my arsenal.

3. I Use My Lingerie Now. Although not as often as I’d like… if I had my way I’d be dressed up in something as often as possible because I recognize that time, youth, and cute bodies are all fleeting moments and who knows if things will be this good in 20 years. I hope Boyfriend sees this and takes the hint. If he doesn’t I trust that one of his friends will read this and pass it on to him (Attention: Brian, Todd, & Bill).

4. So Here’s What I Like Lately… I had the good fortune of attending my friend Lauren’s lingerie preview in a swanky hotel penthouse this afternoon and got to mess around with some of the newest collections out there.

Affinitas Intimates, $42

5. And Obviously… all this lingerie makes me think of this awesome throwback song. Enjoy.

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