Can Swimming in a Warm Spring Heal You? Cleopatra’s Pool, Turkey

cleopatras pool,turkey
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Fall is steadily approaching, and if you are like me, you are freaking out about the dwindling swimming possibilities in your near future. The second snow starts touching the ground, I start planning my escapes to warmer climates where I can walk around practically naked and ogle hot foreigners with exorbitant amounts of chest hair. Cleopatra’s Pool in Pamukkale, Turkey is a warm, mineral rich spring that is historically known for both it’s healing properties, and gorgeous ancient beauty.

cleopatras pool,turkey

Cleopatra’s Pool is a thermal warm water spring fed by a stream that runs through multiple layers of marble rubble left over from the ruins of an ancient town destroyed by an one of the many earthquakes that hit this region in antiquity. The bottom of the pool is actually made up of fallen Ionic columns and the stone pieces of temples from back in the day.

The water in these antique pools are good for heart diseases, atherosclerosis, blood pressure, rickets, nervous disorders, and circulatory problems to name a few. The minerals in the spa water are constantly monitored and adjusted to make sure the levels are perfect for healing, and admittance to the pools cost under $20, which is pretty cheap to avoid a heart attack.

Fall is the perfect time to plan a dip in Cleopatra’s Pool, because on the off-season it isn’t completely crowded with angry Russians, so if you are feeling under the weather, or annoyed by the weather, now might be the perfect time to escape.

cleopatras pool,turkey

cleopatras pool,turkey

cleopatras pool,turkey

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