Cats With Your Coffee — It’s All The Rage

Written by rosetta

Café des Chats is, literally, a café full of cats.

The coffee shop/restaurant, which opened last year in the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, allows for  kitties to roam around and play with visitors – what purrrfect companions!


…But not everybody thinks so.

“Is that even sanitary?”

“Ew, I don’t want a cat near my food.”

“Eugh, cats.”

I have heard these responses to this restaurant-opening all too often. Although I have yet to visit Le Cafe des Chats, myself, I can affirm that after doing my nerdy research, and hearing positive feedback from friends who have tried this place out, I am all for this place running in business — I think cat-watching may give people-watching in Paris a run for its money!

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First of all, if you love animals like I do, you will be happy to know that these cats are in a loving, healthy environment. The restaurant owners, whose efforts are to make the cats as happy as possible, carefully choose cats from animal shelters — this restaurant, alone, has rescued dozens of cats!

Better yet, the cats rescued from the shelter are chosen specifically according to personality; those which interact best with other cats and people. This ensures that the cats will be harmonious with each other, and friendly towards all visitors. The cats are NEVER caged, too, which promises the freedom to the cats they so deserve!

Now, the discussion of sanitation: I understand that the thought of cats walking around in the same place where you eat food may sound a little unappetizing; however, what I’ve read and heard is that these cats are sterilized and routinely vaccinated, ensuring that they’re healthy and maintaining good hygiene. It is also made explicitly clear by restaurant policy that it is prohibited to hold or feed the cats. This point reassured me, as it indicates that these cats are not going to be touching my food.

In other words, I draw my cat line when the animals come into close contact with my actual food.

Although I support the idea of drinking tea while petting a black cat, I think I’d begin to get peeved over a cat on my lap while I’m eating a crunchy salad — or petting a cat and then using my hands to pick up my food.

In France, though, it is quite common to see locals eating with their pets; dogs perched onto their lap in cafés, fed with food taken from the owner’s very plate! I’ve even seen a few sharing the same UTENSILS with their pets — me-ow!

I guess that’s why this place is doing pretty well for itself over there; it isn’t as much of an anomaly as it is in the States (eating/sharing food with your pets).

Need not worry, though, my American friends — luckily, we would not be seeing any utensil-sharing in Le Cafe des Chats — just some good ol’ cat lovin’. Find more info on the kitty friendly place, here.



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