Calling All Cat Ladies: Take a Cat Vacation

Written by Gary

I have never really been fond of cats. Maybe it’s my complete aversion to pussy, or the fact that I fine cats to be very condescending, but regardless, felines have never really been my bag. That being said, I am fascinated by cat ladies.


There is nothing more amazing than a lonely old woman who talks to her cats. Apparently I am not the only one who thinks this, because I managed to track down a few places in the world where cats are treated the same, if not better, than human beings. If you are 45-years-old and have never had a boyfriend, you should probably go visit one of these places immediately and just embrace the crazy.



Cat Island, Tashirojimi, Japan

On this Japanese Island, cats are believed to be good luck, and roam the streets freely, while dogs are forbidden. Cats actually outnumber people on this pleasant little isle.



Cat Playhouse, San Diego

After adopting a dozen stray cats, a San Diego couple decided to remodel their home to resemble a cat playground. Eventually it became a tourist attraction, go figure.


Moscow Cat Theatre, Russia

If you want to see 120 trained cats do random stunts like balance on balls and walk tightropes, the Moscow Cat Theatre is right up your alley. No flash photography though, unless you want one of the performers to scratch your eyes out.

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