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Catch Your Eye

Written by Casey

Bess’ evil eye jewelry.

Thanks to one of my closest friends Sophia, who lives next to Bess in Soho she has warned me to stay away beasuse I will be attempted to buy everything and then not be able to pay for rent that month. A girl can still look though right?

BESS began as a fine jewelry line in the year 2000. Designed and crafted in New York City by Douglas Abraham the store relocated to Keith Haring’s historic former Pop Shop at 292 Lafayette street in Soho. The offerings offered at the 292 Lafayette space expanded to include the designers collection of victorian apparel, antique dolls and ephemera as well as 1980’s vintage punk studded leather clothing and footwear.

I really am digging their eye pieces and silver jewelry from, paired with simple black skinny jeans, leather booties, and a plain white or denim shirt. You’re an instant Noho/Soho city girl.

Available online here.

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