Celeb Spotting: Why Prince Harry Will be a Great Uncle

Written by Casey

Why Prince Harry Will be a Great Uncle

How many of you have those obnocious overly touchy-feely inappropriate uncles who always gets drunk at your family’s holiday get togethers? Well here’s what I figure: Prince Harry will kind-of be like that, but on a much cooler and non-creepy level.

He will always make sure that their son or daughter has a full glass.Β 

If it is a girl, he will be awesomely protective in a hot-manly way.

He will cheer the kid on at soccer games or ballet recitals.

If the kid is late to school or some royal event, he will be there with his motorcycle ready to roll.

If it’s a boy, imagine all the hand-me-downs…

If the kid wants a Super Sweet Sixteen, he can call some of his friends and have them perform.

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